Registered Holistic Nutritionist and EAV Practitioner


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How can a nutritionist help you?

As a registered holistic nutritionist, my goal is to help you achieve the optimal health that you deserve. Using a combination of sound nutrition, lifestyle changes and supplementation, I will create an individual plan to help you achieve your health goals and change your habits for the better and hopefully for life!

Knowing what your body needs can be difficult in our society with so many food choices available to us. We are all unique. We have also created a unique health situation, for better or for worse, with the choices we have been making up until now.

The good thing is that our bodies are ever changing, ever regenerating and always seeking balance. There is a lot we can do to give it the helping hand it deserves.

Food is your foundation

Food is your basic foundation. It can create better health, or worse. What we eat can also have huge effects on your mental and emotional well being.

Working on the health of your body will naturally enhance any work you’re doing towards better mental and emotional well being (and vice versa!) Our minds, bodies and spirits work together as a unified whole, working on the health of all of these aspects of self together is naturally the quickest and most logical route to take to reach your health goals.

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