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Sensitivity Testing

Computerized electro dermal screening is non-invasive and pain-free method of determining energetic imbalances in the body as well as the body’s reaction to various substances including foods and chemicals.

This technology originated in the 1950’s with Dr. Reinhold Voll, an extraordinary physician who founded the science of electro-acupuncture, a method of surveying acupuncture points and their meridians using a modification of a standard valve ohm-meter. For this reason this technology is often referred to as EAV testing – Electro Acupuncture according to Voll.

Other terms used to describe this technology include CEDS (computerized electro dermal screening), Vega testing and Interro Testing.

In my practice I use the IQS system, or Interactive Query System. This system was designed by Dr Roy Curtain, a physicist who mapped out the electromagnetic frequency of substances including foods, and many common allergens and translated this electrical signature into digital code that could be stored in the software.

The software allows the EAV practitioner to test a client against a great number of substances including foods, moulds, parasites, chemicals and many many others by seeing what response the digital code of that substance illicits in the person being tested.

A great benefit to this type of testing over the scratch test which measures a histamine response is that it can pick up sensitivities that will not elicit a histamine reaction, particularly foods.

Knowing what foods are currently causing stress to your body and temporarily reducing or eliminating them can help quickly alleviate symptoms associated with consuming these foods and also recover much needed energy in the body to go towards healing and maintenance.

It is important to note that while information uncovered by use of the IQS system can be a very valuable part of preventative healthcare; this information does not constitute nor claim to be a medical diagnosis.

Always seek the advice of your family physician or other qualified health practitioner for diagnosis and treatment of any suspected or existing medical condition.

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