Registered Holistic Nutritionist and EAV Practitioner


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Nutritional Counseling

First appointment (90 minutes) $95.00
Second appointment (60 minutes) $80.00
Follow-up appointment (30 minutes) $45.00

All other one hour appointments


Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing (approximately 325 foods) $95.00
One of the following and remedies:
Candida or Parasites or Bacteria or Virus

Candida and Parasite Testing and remedies $65.00
Candida/Parasites/Bacteria Testing and remedies $85.00
Candida/Parasites/Bacteria/Virus Testing and remedies $95.00
Environmental Sensitivity Testing
(includes common allergens such as animal hair, pollens & moulds)

Chemical / Environmental Sensitivity Testing $65.00
Toxic Metals Test $30.00
Hormonal Stress Test $35.00
Nutritional Deficiency Test $45.00
Neurotransmitter Testing $35.00
Pesticides Test $45.00
Emotional Survey $65.00

Prices do not include HST

*If there is something specific you wish to be tested for that does not appear on this list; please contact me. Other tests are available.     

Tel: 416.300.0908