How can a nutritionist help you?

The great benefit of working one on one with a nutrtitionist is that I will create an individualized health plan that is unique to your body's needs. With the abundance of sometimes contradictory nutrition information out there, it can be very confusing and quite difficult to know where to begin, or what dietary changes are a good fit for your individual needs.

Through one on one consultation, I will construct a health plan to address any current health concerns, and help you achieve your goals.

I believe in meeting a client where they are and creating a plan that will fit in with their day to day life, their budget, and with a goal of long term great health.

What kind of health issues can a nutritionist help with?

Weight Loss
I can help you gain a solid understanding of what's causing undesired extra weight and how best to achieve your optimal weight and stay at that weight, all while becoming healthier and creating a more peaceful relationship with food.
I have a special interest in the emotional issues around food and can help you navigate issues such as binge eating and food addiction.

Digestive Issues
One of the most common reasons clients have come to me over the years is for help with digestive issues of all kinds; acid reflux, IBS, constipation and many others. I can help you understand how what and how you're eating is contributing to these issues, and help you overcome these problems through diet changes and using nutrtional supplements if indicated.

These are just two of the many reasons one can benefit from working a nutritionist. 
Perhaps you don't have the energy you need and are not sure why. Maybe you know your diet is not optimal but don't know where to begin when it comes to creating healthier habits.Food is our foundation. Better choics can make all the difference in our physical, mental and emotional well being.

I would love to be a part of your journey towards better health for life! 


Initial Assessment

In your initial consultation I will find out the health goals you hope to reach and get a sense of where you are right now as far as the health of your different body systems, your current diet, exercise habits and lifestyle.

Through this as well as information gained from some questionnaires I will have you complete I will then devise an individual initial plan for you.

Second visit

At this visit I will discuss the results of the research I have done and outline the first steps of your individualized wellness plan.

It's best not to overwhelm the body with too many changes at once so we will work through your plan step by step.

Follow-ups are generally scheduled monthly, for a half hour, or more or less often as needed. The number of follow-ups required will depend on the complexity of your health concerns and the speed of your progress.

I always welcome questions and am here to support you along the way via telephone or email.

I do use nutritional supplements in my practice and believe they can be very useful to help bring body systems back in to balance or correct deficiencies that may be present in the body and causing symptoms. The right supplements can help bring results quicker than diet change alone.

Diet and lifestyle changes, however, are the biggest part of my practice and these are changes I hope to help you implement for life.