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About Ann McBride

For over twenty years I have had an avid interest in natural healing. My studies regarding this topic over the years as well as my own experiences and those of others have helped shape and strengthen my beliefs.

While we are blessed with so many conveniences in our modern technologically advanced culture, we are also unfortunately cursed with the accompanying ailments.

One has only to read the statistics about certain isolated cultures living in remote environments such as the Masi tribe in Africa, people who live free from convenience stores, fast foods, computers and TV’s to sit for hours in front of, and cars to take them everywhere while their muscles deteriorate. In these cultures our modern epidemics like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer are virtually unknown.

While perhaps we don’t want to abandon the lives we know and live in one of these societies, I do believe there is a lot that we can learn from them to help us with our current health and our wellness into old age so we can enjoy the quality of life that we deserve and that our bodies are designed for.

It has been my frustration at seeing not only I, but many friends, young and old, try to live healthy lives but still fall prey to some of our modern day disorders at younger and younger ages: depression, anxiety, allergies, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, cancer and many others. It is this that has kept leading me back for more knowledge to try to understand how these epidemics can be reversed and prevented.

I studied nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received an award of distinguished merit upon graduating. I have also studied herbal medicine, nutritional blood microscopy and have a keen interest in homeopathy.

In 2005, I completed training to work as a computerized electro-dermal screening technician and have screened clients for food and chemical sensitivities and assessed imbalances in their body systems. I use this technology in my nutrition practice as I feel it is a very valuable tool for quickly uncovering sensitivities to foods and other elements in our environment.

I understand that it is not always easy to change habits, patterns and addictions and I will work with you step by step to support you and guide you as you reach your goals.

I am deeply dedicated to helping my clients achieve the healthiest life they can.

Tel: 416.300.0908